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Courses for Summer 2024

WWPC will be offering the beginner and intermediate courses for the summer of 2024.  You can register online  by clicking HERE or email us at to enroll.


Introduction to Whitewater Course- This is a beginner course intended for middle schooled aged kids between 11 and 14 with the goal of having fun on water.  The course will include trying kayaks in a lake or pool, learning about rivers and water safety, and kayaking or rafting down the Shoshone River.  This course is similar to the Level 1 Kayak Course but will focus primarily on getting students comfortable on water and less on kayak instruction.

The courses are 3 days long from 10 am to 4 pm.  The costs of a course is $260.


July 23rd-25th

July 30th-August 1st

Level 1 (Beginner) Kayak Course- This course is intended for first time or beginner kayakers. Students will start in a pool or lake setting and then progress to kayaking down the river. They will learn basic paddle skills , how to read water, how to wet exit from a kayak, amongst other kayak skills and techniques. This course is intended for students between the ages 11 to 18.

The courses are 3 days long from 10 am to 4 pm.  The costs of a course is $260.


June 18th-20th

June 25th-27th

July 9th-11th

Level 2 (Intermediate)  Kayak CourseIntermediate students should have participated in the Beginner Course or have had similar beginner kayak instruction.  The student should already know how to wet exist and be comfortable on Class II whitewater.  These courses will take place on Class II and III rivers and will potentially travel to some neighboring rivers to build skills, such as the North Fork of the Shoshone, Stillwater, and Yellowstone Rivers.

Dates and Prices :

June 10th-13th  $300

July 16th-18th $260

To enroll please email

Scholarships are available based on need, please contact us for more details.

Additional opportunities for courses and private instruction for summer 2024 are possible! Please contact us to set something up.

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